Chipp Jansen

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Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Chipp Jansen’s interests  lie at various intersections of Art, Computer Science, and Geography. Artistically, his work is based on food production performance, cable network news subversion, and cartographic advocacy. His work in “CNNPlusPlus” was exhibited at ISEA 2006/ZeroOne, San Jose Museum of Art. With an interdisciplinary programming culture focus, Chipp has taught in the schools of Computer Science, Art and Architecture at the University of Michigan, Brooklyn College, City College, and at the Pratt Institute. Currently he is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Geography at Hunter College – CUNY with a focus on new media in cartography, and transportation geography. He is also a research member of Bu-Con, working on infrastructural solutions for the after-future and exhibits with them regularly.

Invisible Influenced | VisualizaciĆ³n de datos

Invisible Influenced is a Rorschach test for envisioning the US as the recipient rather than the cause of worldwide events. Contrary to the notion of ...
Will Pappenheimer
Chipp Jansen


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