Marianne R. Petit

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New York, NY, USA
Marianne R. Petit is an Associate Arts Professor at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program where she teaches courses in digital media, animation and storytelling, in addition to overseeing the assistive technology and social justice curriculum. She is the co-director of Greylock Arts, a non-commercial arts space located in the Northern Berkshires, dedicated to the intersection between art and technology. Her artwork has appeared internationally in festivals and exhibitions as well as broadcast on the Independent Film Channel.

The Grimm Tale | NarraciĆ³n multimedia

An adaptation of the Grimm's Fairy Tale about a young man who doesn’t understand the concept" to shudder in fear and who goes forth in the world to discover...
Marianne R. Petit


Turbulence Directors: Helen Thorington and Jo-Anne Green
Coordinator and Turbulence-MEIAC link: Gustavo Romano

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