Dana Karwas

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New York, NY, USA
Dana Karwas received a baccalaureate degree in Architecture from the University of Kansas and holds a Masters in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She is the co-founder of Gorilla Kingdom, a multimedia production company based in NYC. Her main interest lies in transforming and redefining social spaces through the medium of technology. Her work is rooted in architecture and extends to the edges of social and cultural dimensions. She has taught workshops on interactive mobile technology and the connections between architecture and the visual and sonic arts at the Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, NYC.

HRRAAGHP-TING! | Proyecto web

HRRAAGHP-TING! connects image and sound filenames on the web to create an infinite chain of associations. Extruded in real time, and in a linear forma...
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Dana Karwas
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