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Brooklyn, NY, USA
Yotam Mann works with interactive music to create open-ended compositions that are realized collaboratively between a composer and a listener. He has composed and coded interactive music for three Chrome Experiments, a web art commission, mobile apps, and numerous websites. Currently Mann is working on an open source JavaScript framework for interactive music in the browser Tone.js. Mann graduated with degrees in Music (Composition) and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley. He worked as a researcher for over five years at the Center for New Music and Audio Technology (CNMAT), where he built musical interfaces, authored research papers, produced high-tech new music concerts, and wrote an OSC library for Arduino.

Submersible | Interactivo

You are at a helm of a submarine navigating the depths of the ocean. At each strata, you see and hear different organisms. In the sunny epipelagic zone, watch the fast...
Yotam Mann
Niv Bavarsky


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