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Paris, France
Net artist, Marika Dermineur focuses on questions/issues/subjects related to the network, the ability (for instance) of a program to produce languages, images or sounds and to effect us. She graduated from la Sorbonne, the Arts Décoratifs and the Arts et Métiers (Paris). She is a member of the experimental web platform, a teacher at the University of Rennes 2, involved in RYbN artistic collective, and founder of The Upgrade! Paris. Curator of Economie 0 (2008, Théâtre de Verre, Paris) and Politique 0 (2010, Espace Niemeyer, Paris), co-curator of V.O.S.T. events in Paris and Brussels.

Marika has conducted workshops and lectures about newmedia. Her installations and net art works, such as Keyboard, Googlehouse, The Inhabitants (Impakt production), There! (V2 residence) have been presented in numerous exhibitions and festivals: Videoformes 06, “Nuit Blanche” in Roma and Paris 05, “Translation” (Basekamp Gallery, Philadelphia), File festival 05 Sao Paulo, “Bis Repetita Placent” (Espace d’art Contemporain, Ruart), “Download” and “Blackout” (exhibition, Paris); Vancouver’s New Forms Festival 2004, Ars Electronica, Instants Vidéo 04. She won first prize for net art in 2003 in Filmwinter (de), and has received funding from Impakt Online (nl), (us), La Chambre Blanche (ca), and SCAM.

Peripheral n°2: KEYBOARD | Proyecto online

Peripheral n°2: KEYBOARD reflects anew on the keyboard, this strange object which we have beneath our eyes without really seeing it. It explores w...
Marika Dermineur


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