Woody Sullender

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Brooklyn, NY, USA
Woody Sullender is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. His pieces encompass a myriad of media including sculpture, performance, theater, music, installation, architecture, origami, and even sonic weaponry. His recent work examines the social construction of the performance space and how it reinforces specific rituals and modernist ideologies of reception. By minor interventions and reconfigurations in existing spaces, not only can these habits be ruptured but larger notions of social relations can be explored. Among other activities, he teaches new media at various New York institutions and is founding co-editor (will Bill Dietz) of the sonic arts publication Ear | Wave | Event.

Spectral Quartet | Proyecto online

Spectral Quartet is a web adaptation of the project Whispering Spectres, which will be installed at Turbulence @Pace Digital Gallery 2, April...
Woody Sullender


Turbulence Directors: Helen Thorington and Jo-Anne Green
Coordinator and Turbulence-MEIAC link: Gustavo Romano

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