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Brooklyn, NY, USA
Liz Filardi is a digital strategist with an interest in critical art interventions. She is currently a producer at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and a professor of user experience design at NYU. She is also an alum of Parsons Design and Technology MFA program, where she started making her own interventions on New York City streets and online. Her works were featured on and Urban Prankster.

He was a founding member of Alea New Music Ensemble (1987-92), Magnetic Pig (1992-), GRIT (2001-), US-based multimedia group SQUINT (2002-) and most recently HEDKIKR (2002-) and has been a visiting artist at STEIM (NLD), HarvestWorks (NY), the MATA festival (NY), CEMI (U of NorthernTexas), University of Illinois, Kyoto Seika University, San Diego State University, the DC International Dance and Improv Festival and RPI (Troy). He is a lecturer at the WAAPA@ECU in Perth, holds an M.Mus degree from the University of Western Australia and is currently completing a PhD at the Queensland University of Technology.

I'm Not Stalking You; I'm Socializing | Proyecto web

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Liz Filardi


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