Amit Pitaru

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New York, NY, USA
Amit Pitaru is an artist, designer and researcher of Human Machine Interaction (HCI). As an artist, he develops custom-made musical and animation instruments, and has recently exhibited/performed at the London Design Museum, Paris Pompidou Center, Sundance Film Festival and ICC Museum in Tokyo. He is also a designer with particular interest in Assistive Technologies and Universal Design. He was recently commissioned by the MacArthur Foundation to write a chapter for an upcoming book on his recent work – creating toys and software that are inclusively accessible to people with various disabilities. As an educator, Amit develops curricula that focus on the coupling of technology and the creative thought process. He regularly teaches at New York University’s ITP and Cooper Union’s Arts department.

Storm King | Performance

Storm King was composed and performed with "The Sonic Wire Sculptor," originally a personal instrument created by Pitaru to compose, record and perfor...
Amit Pitaru


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