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Ars Virtua Artist-in-Residence (AVAIR)
Performance en Second Life
Brad Kligerman


AVAIR is an extended performance whose purpose is to investigate the nature of art making in the 3D synthetic environment of Second Life. It is an examination of policy and institution, as well as a reflection on place and art. Artists are given a stipend and technical support. They are expected to have an open studio, produce an exhibition, and make a public presentation. Orchestrated through the classic structure of the gallery, the performances run at any time of the day or night, and create a platform for exchange between artist and audience. Brad Kligerman, Ars Virtua's first AIR, is winding down his 11 week tenure. He is fabricating three machines capable of extracting in-world data pertinent to discovering the rules of materiality inherent to Second Life: (1) the Calibration Machine for reading the world; (2) the Analogy Machine for learning about it; and, (3) the Mutation Machine for writing, inventing and transforming it. His exhibition will consist of interactive hyper-spaces made of images, ideograms and holograms. Join us for the opening on April 20 at midnight (SLT), and April 21 at noon (SLT)* at Ars Virtua

with funds from the Jerome Foundation



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