// works in the Turbulence database:

/reimaginings/ | Web project

By aiming for a farcical goal (improving Newton's Color spectrum by adding more of the same colors) and using absurd methodologies (mapping colors to Instant Mess...

1 year performance video (aka samHsiehUpdate) | Proyecto web, performance

"We shall seal images of ourselves in images of our studio, seemingly in solitary confinement inside seemingly identical images of cell-like rooms measuring 10ft x 10f...

45 Seconds  | Interactivo

45 Seconds is a collection of discrete, explicitly timed experiences or happenings, each with a clear beginning and endpoint, presented in an interface with video, gra...
Harris Skibell

A More Subtle Perplex | experimento lingüístico

A More Subtle Perplex is an experiment in quasi-linguistic formalism, in gibberish. Borrowing and inverting techniques from computer science and analy...
Ben Dean

A Travel Guide | Proyecto web

A Travel Guide is a web-based, location-based, mobile-centric application for randomly creating short, poetic texts in the style of the travel guide. ...
Allison Parrish

ABSML | Lenguaje informático

ABSML is a new markup language that enables the creation of complex sentence formulas for 21st century automatic writing. ABSML tags ...
Jeff Crouse
Andrew Mahon
Steve Lambert

Air Detritus | sound art

Air Detritus is derived from sounds that were collected from the air and water detritus of Central Park, New York. Sounds were collected via a 2-way r...
Miya Masaoka

American Internet | ASCII art

It can be said that there is no greater symbol for American globalization than the logo plastered onto Coca Cola cans. Coca Cola is so linked to America that its facto...
Eryk Salvaggio

Apartment | Proyecto web

In Apartment you are confronted with a blinking cursor. As you type the room responds, engaging you in conversation, building a home around you. Over ...
Marek Walczak
Martin Wattenberg

Ars Virtua Artist-in-Residence (AVAIR) | Performance en Second Life

AVAIR is an extended performance whose purpose is to investigate the nature of art making in the 3D synthetic environment of Second Life. It is an exa...
Brad Kligerman

Artifact | Proyecto web

Artifactual sounds and images collected from the web. This piece was developed in 1997 with funds from The Greenwall Foundation

John Hudak

Au bord du fleuve/On the Riverside | Proyecto web

Au bord du fleuve/On the Riverside is a poetic portrayal of the St. Lawrence River. The site replicates the river's ambient calmness and serenity...
Joseph Lefèvre
Martine Koutnouyan

Awkward_NYC/Awkward_Everywhere | Proyecto web

Awkward_NYC/Awkward_Everywhere is a collaborative online map for reporting social accidents and small interpersonal traumas that occur unexpectedly in...
Zannah Marsh

besides, 3 networked performances | Performance

Annie and Martina will investigate the performative potential of real time computer-mediated communication. By listening to each other's gestures (in a visual and...
Annie Abrahams
Martina Ruhsam

Bionet : : Recombinant | Proyecto web

This project is an attempt to assemble a body of discourses surrounding contemporary molecular genetics and biotechnology at the end of the millennium. In the same way...
Eugene Thacker

BliK | Net instalación

BliK is an interactive installation and networked musical composition method based on collaborative "Web 2.0" principles. The composer / participant t...
Roberto Osorio-Goenaga

Bonding Energy | Visualización de datos

Bonding Energy consists of a set of Sunsmile devices that collect and measure solar energy from seven geographically distrib...
Douglas Irving Repetto

Bronx Rhymes | Proyecto web

Bronx Rhymes illuminates the history and significance of Hip Hop in the Bronx by tagging important locations for Hip Hop (1520 Sedgwick, for example) ...
Claudia Bernett
Maria Ioveva

byProxy | Aplicación web 3D

The concept for byProxy came from Mittelman's fascination with the new languages and forms of communication that have come out of the vast commun...
Michael Mittelman

CATERWAUL | Net instalación

When someone screams in real life, do they hear us in virtual reality? Do they want to? CATERWAUL is an interactive sound installation that o...
Pierre Proske

Cell Tagging | Net instalación

The mobile phone occupies a space that is both connecting and distancing. Seemingly ubiquitous, it has become an increasingly powerful tool, functioning as a phone, PD...
Brooke A. Knight

Channel TWo: NYC | Proyecto online

Eleven years into the new century, it is time to discuss the terms of surrender. Not a surrender to any civilization but the surrender of civilization to those in cont...
Adam Trowbridge
Jessica Westbrook

ChannelUntitled | Proyecto web

channelUntitled tunes into the spectres that haunt technology and provides a channel to air their messages. Who are these beings that dwell here? Spir...
Diane Bertolo

Collective Geology of the Erased Space | Interactivo

In Collective Geology of the Erased Space, viewers are presented with an imaginary strata formed from those lost spaces between sites, machines, addre...
Paul Catanese

Condition:Used | Proyecto online

Condition:Used gathers bits and pieces of intimate spaces found online to create domestic scenes made out of paper. The pieces of furniture comprising...
Anna Pinkas

Constellations Over Playas | Website

Since 2003 the United States has enacted simulated terrorist attacks against the abandoned mining town, Playas, New Mexico. Constellations Over Playas Joseph Moore
Stephanie Vella

Crossroads | Net cinema

Film genre and the icons of the Times Square/42nd Street landscape converge in an exploration of the capacity of film to shape our sense of place. Crossroads creates a...
Annette Weintraub

Crow Sourcing | Proyecto web

How does the crow fly? Eager beaver, get on your high horse and take the bull by the horns. Talk turkey or monkey around. Clear up the hogwash contributed by the birdb...
Andy Deck

CultureMap | Proyecto online

Part visualization and part abstraction, CultureMap is an imaging system that depicts the evolving content of the Web. Using data collected from searc...
Andy Deck

Data Diaries | Proyecto online

Data Diaries is 11 hours of video footage which was generated by tricking Quicktime into thinking the RAM of a home computer is video. This was done o...
Cory Arcangel

Digital Nature | documental ficción

"An important historic figure's writings and personal effects are confiscated by the State. Some seventy years later, they are unearthed in the National Archives....
Tal Halpern

DISCO-NNECT An Experimental Video Podcast | Video podcast

DISCO-NNECT is an experimental video podcast that will air weekly from March 20 to September 23, 2007. Featuring guest remixers Jimpunk and Subculture.

Abe Linkoln
Antonio Mendoza

Distance | Proyecto online

Distance explores our desire for communication, through connection and disconnection, via fluctuations in transmission and reception ...
Tina LaPorta

Domain of Mount Greylock–Video Portal | Proyecto web

Adams and North Adams sit at the base of Mount Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts. It is their unifying landmark and, according to local Indian legend, a spi...
David Lachman

Eclipse | Proyecto web

Eclipse is a user driven, networked-art application that alters and corrupts United States national and state park images from Flickr.com based on the...

Ekpurosis | Interactivo

Ekpurosis is a micro-universe in a state of random, periodic regeneration. It puts the user in an environment that is constantly mutating. The user ca...
Xavier Pehuet

Empire State | Proyecto online

Empire State transmits camera flashes from the Empire State Building's observation deck in New York City to the virtual observation deck of your ...
Steve Klise

Empty Velocity | Proyecto web

Empty Velocityis a 21st Century Taoist journey of stop motion interruptions, joints moving simultaneously, empty rooms and random velocity. Imagery an...
Angie Eng

Endgame: A Cold War Love Story | Interactivo

Endgame: A Cold War Love Story – for the web and Flash enabled touch screen devices (DROID) – is a puzzle whose pieces are culled from an ...
Tal Halpern

event | Proyecto online

event re-presents 31 news items, compelling the user to "reflect upon the minute isolated occurrences of which history in an empirical sense is compos...
Michael Takeo Magruder

Exegesis | Proyecto web

Exegesis is an attempt to understand how people quote the Bible - which parts they choose to quote, and why. It highlights the portions that appear mo...
Kushal Dave

Fallout | Proyecto web

Initiated by requesting personal commentary from individuals representing several generations of a single family, Fallout, Part I: An Open Repository ...
Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga

Fire Box Mystery | Proyecto web

"This is a fiction story about Mikloch Seraee, the artist with a truck, creating artwork by hitting corner fire boxes, On the streets of New York City he creates his "...
Vlasta Volcano Mikic

Flou | Interactivo

Flou (pronounced "flew") is not exactly a game; you do fly a ship through space, but you cannot shoot anything, score points, or win or lose. The focu...
Jason Freeman

Four Stories | Hipertexto

The following pages comprise autobiographies of four New York women and their experiences with domestic violence. Names have been changed to protect these women's...
Jen Meagher

From the Valley of the Deer | Proyecto web

From the Valley of the Deer is an augmented reality artwork based on Valley of the Deer, a video installation produced in Scotland in 2013. I...
Jillian McDonald

FT2K | Web project

"[FT2K] is an...explication of Internet gathering spaces which juxtaposes the Internet to the city. The setting, an electronic frontier town, alludes to the desert of ...
Diane Bertolo

FUJI spaces and other places | Proyecto web

Appropriating, processing, and interweaving several existing webcam feeds of Mount Fuji, FUJI is a durational piece for four seasons. FUJI Nurit Bar-Shai

Genetic Response System 3.0 | Web project

Each day new data emerges tracing the shifting boundaries between the 'organic' and 'non-organic'. Genetic Response System 3.0 reflects these shift...
Diane Ludin

Global Direct | Proyecto web

Promoting global, participatory democracy Global Direct is a political philosophy driven by information technology and the failure of current politica...
Paolo Cirio

Google Variations | Proyecto web

Google is the main hub of an emerging data-driven world. It is a beast with many faces, impossible to grasp all at once and growing new limbs every day. It is also the...
Leonardo Solaas

Grafik Dynamo | Web project

Grafik Dynamo loads live images from blogs and news sources on the web into a live action comic strip. From the time of its launch in 2005 to the end ...
Kate Armstrong
Michael Tippett

Graph Theory | Soundtoy

with funds from The Greenwall Foundation

Graph Theory seeks to connect composition, listening, and concert performance by coupling an aco...
Jason Freeman
Patricia Reed
Maja Cerar

Grey Area | Interactivo

We are defined by what we desire, and how we get what we want and how happy we are with what we have. Grey Area is a self-portrait based on the artist...
Friederike Paetzold

Ground Zero | Narrativa en tiempo real

Set in a world filled with contradiction and parody, Ground Zero stars Ratzo [the king of all rats] and features a colorful cast of characters who ref...
John Cabral

Grow Old | Arte sonoro

Grow Old is a streaming EP that reflects upon the malleability of digital audio in a cloud-based musical world. The music, regenerated daily by a simp...
Jason Freeman

Handheld Histories as Hyper-Monuments | Mobile application

Designed for HP iPAQ 6900 series smartphones, Handheld Histories as Hyper-Monuments uses GPS and mobile technologies to address historic bias in Bosto...
Carmin Karasic
Rolf van Gelder
Rob Coshow

Hard Data | Minería de datos

Hard Data is a data-mining, sonification, and visualization project that uses statistics from the American military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq as...
R. Luke DuBois

Heat and the Heartbeat of the City | Proyecto sonoro online

According to the Metropolitan East Coast Assessment, average temperatures in New York could increase by one to four degrees fahrenheit by 2030, and up to ten degrees b...
Andrea Polli

Help Write The Story of X or Fly's Birthday | collective storytelling

"Again, I feel the limpness of my body as I feel myself slipping into a semi-conscious state. No! I can’t sleep! I remember one thing, that everytime I sle...
Helen Thorington

Here and Now | Proyecto online

Communication is no longer dictated by traditional paradigms of leaving and arriving in space, but rather by the speed of information exchange in real time. This trend...
David Crawford

How Do You See The Disappeared? A Warm Database | Proyecto web

How Do You See the Disappeared? A Warm Database investigates immigrants who disappear into the complex, bewildering, and often heartless bureaucracy t...
Mariam Ghani

HRRAAGHP-TING! | Proyecto web

HRRAAGHP-TING! connects image and sound filenames on the web to create an infinite chain of associations. Extruded in real time, and in a linear forma...
Olen Hsu
Dana Karwas
Steven Lam

html_butoh | Web project

html_butoh questions the way information is indexed on the Web; it enacts the "Global Top 500" websites and is choreographed by their real-time HTML s...
Ursula Endlicher

I Can't Go On, I'll Go On | Sound art

I Can't Go On, I'll Go On is an interactive art piece inspired by Samuel Beckett's short novel, "Molloy." The work is presented in two ...
Haeyoung Kim

I'm Not Stalking You; I'm Socializing | Proyecto web

Black&White: One of the original cases of criminal stalking in America is retold within the framework of a social network called Blac...
Liz Filardi

I-Section | Interactivo

I-Section is about the aesthetics of dissection, the emotional resonance associated with internal organs and what is left when the body has been taken...
Friederike Paetzold

iLib Shakespeare (a perturbed sonnet project) | Proyecto web

iLib Shakespeare is a social media mashup that uses the dynamic input of users to continuously rewrite a sonnet of William Shakespeare. The u...
Scot Gresham-Lancaster
Tim Perkis

Illusions | Interactive

Illusions is a call to reinvest moving images with the marvelous. This site will project you on a journey criss-crossing numerous conceptual constella...
Zoe Beloff

Imaging Beijing | Instalación de realidad mixta

Imaging Beijing is the latest installment of John Craig Freeman

Imprimatur | Proyecto online

Imprimatur is a free, easy-to-use tool for producing posters. Users contribute to a poster layout via their web browser. Creativity becomes a shared p...
Andy Deck

IN Network | Performance en Internet

IN Network was an extended cell phone life-art performance about distance, communication, intimacy, telepresence, and living together while apart. Dur...
Michael Mandiberg
Julia Steinmetz

Infecter | Proyecto online

MyDoom source code has been mapped and systematically "infected" with sections of source code from other prominent computer virii creating a series of shifting visual ...
Shannon Kennedy

Inter-face | Poesía digital

Inter-face is a video-mixer, sound-shredder and poetic notebook. Composited words explode from the mouth, or the eyes, or the skin, and leap and land ...
David Jhave Johnston

INTERP | Digital sculptures

INTERP is a series of digital sculptures generated by blending 100 unrelated photographs, placing them into simulated three-dimensional space, and imp...
Jeff Thompson

Intervals | Web based video

Intervals explores a series of characters whose investigation of self and identity unfold and elide through a sequence of cinematic interludes. At onc...
Peter Horvath

Invisible Influenced | Visualización de datos

Invisible Influenced is a Rorschach test for envisioning the US as the recipient rather than the cause of worldwide events. Contrary to the notion of ...
Will Pappenheimer
Chipp Jansen

iPak - 10,000 songs, 10,000 images, 10,000 abuses | Web project

iPak - 10,000 songs, 10,000 images, 10,000 abuses (iPak) is a playful, inter-active and participatory art work, that integrates your creativity, the r...

iSkyTV | Proyecto online

iSkyTV is a networked art project that detects the user's location and animates the Google Street View sky above their heads. The project is a re...
The Institute for Infinitely Small Things
Sophia Brueckner

ISS | Interactivo

ISS is about the building of the International Space Station. It shows a series of scenes inside and outside the station. Combining VRML and Flash fil...
Vlasta Volcano Mikic

Itinerant | Instalación sonora interactiva

Itinerant is a site-specific sound installation in Boston, Massachusetts. It invites people to take a walk through Boston Common and surrounding ...
Teri Rueb

ItSpace | Proyecto web

ItSpace creates a network of pages within the social networking site MySpace. Instead of people, the pages feature everyday household objects...
Peter Traub

Journal of Journal Performance Studies | Proyecto web

Journal of Journal Performance Studies (JJPS) is a series of three interrelated works that engage with academic publishing. The project consists of a ...
Nicholas Knouf

Kill Box | Videojuego

Kill Box is an online interactive game that critically explores the nature of drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or UAV) warfare, its complexities a...
Jospeh DeLappe

Knitoscope Testimonies | Proyecto web

Knitoscope Testimonies is the first web based video using "Knitoscope" software, a program that translates digital video into a knitted animation; it ...
Cat Mazza

L-Carrier | Net instalación y performance

From June 7-23, composer-percussionist Eli Keszler transformed Eyebeam Art & Technology Center's Project Space with L-Carrier, a lar...
Eli Keszler

Le Nouveau Western | narración interactiva, hipertexto

"Believe in me because you have heard a voice."
From a small room, he spoke to her and she listened. It was hours before liberation and the start of a ...
Tal Halpern

Les Belles Infidèles | Proyecto web

Les Belles Infidèles consists of a short story — written specifically for this project by Benjamin Rosenbaum — that has be...
Ethan Ham
Benjamin Rosenbaum

Lines of Travel | Interactivo

Interactive sounds and images in varying juxtapositions.


with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts

John Hudak

Lost Guides | Net Installation

The Lost Guides website uses content generated from a live, streaming, audio/visual performance at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York City, ...
Angie Eng

Lumens | Net instalación

Lumens is an installation of lamps networked across three spaces: Greylock Arts (Adams, MA), MCLA Gallery51 (North Adams, MA), and Turbulence.org...
Matthew Belanger
Sean Riley
Ven Voisey

Machine Fragments | Audiovisual interactivo

Perhaps the question "can machines think"? should be re-articulated as "is the machine different from you or I"? Why is there a perceptive gap between our tools and ou...
Onome Ekeh

Making Love: Poetry In Motion | Proyecto web

We cannot predict whom we will fall in love with, where s/he will be from, or in what language we will hear words that stir our emotions and excite us to our core. OMTA

MARK-IT | Software. Acción en Internet

MARK-IT is an App-based, participatory, public art project in New York City. From May 1 to June 30, participants will be able to download the app to t...
Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos

Memorial Project for Jobbers' Canyon Built with ConAgra Products | Vídeos

Memorial Project for Jobbers' Canyon Built with ConAgra Products pays homage to lost architectural treasures. In 1989 ConAgra, the second largest...
Nicholas O'Brien

mimoSa | Online project - Urban intervention

mimoSa is a continuous workshop that moves around Brazilian cities collecting people's stories using recycled and reconstructed technologies. The...

mobotag | Proyecto online

mobotag reveals the hidden layers of a city through an active exchange of location based media and text messages via the cellphone. It's collabor...
Marta Lwin

Moments of Inertia | Arte sonoro

Moments of Inertia is an evening-length performance based on a teleological study of gesture in musical performance and how it relates to gesture in i...
R. Luke DuBois
Todd Reynolds

Monolith[s] | Web project

Monolith[s] juxtaposes two icons of British culture: stone circles (Stonehenge, for instance) and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Formulat...
Michael Takeo Magruder

More of the Same | Proyecto online

More of the Same extends LoVid's investigation of electrical irregularities and human interactions. After it loads copies of a single sound sampl...

Mouse.Dance | Interactive website

An interactive animated website that resembles a game but sometimes acts more like a film. It explores dance concepts like synchronicity, (a child said Cunningham'...
Neil Zusman

MRT: New Explorations in Science Action | Proyecto web

An elaborate symphony of small machines that explore the possibilities of centrifugal force x of QuickTimes and documentation of each MRT device. It culminated with a ...
Naval Cassidy
Bulk Foodveyor

My Beating Blog | Blog

My Beating Blog is an attempt to take the journaling aspect of blogging into a surrealistic future in which the author literally and metaphorically ba...
Yury Gitman

MYPOCKET | Proyecto online

MYPOCKET discloses the artist's personal financial records to the world by exploring and revealing essential patterns in the daily transactions o...
Burak Arikan

Mythic Hybrid | Web project

"The boss tells me not to bring our "women's problems" with us to work if we want to be treated equal. I am only one person — and I bring my whole self to w...
Prema Murthy

National Velvet | Proyecto online

En el transcurso de su evolución, la bandera de EE. UU. muestra asociaciones visuales con la bandera británica junto con sus propios elementos úni...
David Crawford

Network Sonification | Arte sonoro

In Network Sonification, a program written in java crawls across the Internet, grabbing as many related URLs as possible and analyzing their contents....
Zach Layton

Nio | Poesía digital interactiva

Nio is a two part interactive audio piece for the Web that combines sound poetry, music, and visual poetry of Andrews’ animations and vocals. It...
Jim Andrews

No Matter | Instalación en Second Life

NO MATTER is an interactive installation that activates the transformation of imaginary objects through the Second Life virtual economy into ...
Scott Kildall
Victoria Scott

No Time Machine | Digital Poetry

Quiet time, dead time, free time — call it what you will, there seems to be less and less of it. What do people give up in the race to maximize every second of t...
Daniel C. Howe
Aya Karpinska

North Country Part 1 | Narración interactiva

North Country is a mystery based on the discovery of an unidentified skeleton in upstate New York.

Eric Schefter
Helen Thorington

North Country Part 2 | hipertexto, narrativa nolineal

North Country is a mystery based on the discovery of an unidentified skeleton in upstate New York.

Helen Thorington

Not Walls | Proyecto web

An interactive gallery structure where horizontal and vertical surfaces within the space receive installations of images and text. In their ideal form these structures...
Laurel Wilson

Nothing Happens: a performance in three acts | networked online performance

Nothing Happens is a networked online performance in which the viewers work together to make a series of objects tip over. The performance consists of...
Nurit Bar-Shai

Nothing You Have Done Deserves Such Praise | Narración interactiva

Nothing You Have Done Deserves Such Praise is an art/ poetry/ adventuring game, a playland for exploring our ever-present desire for constant and over...
Jason Nelson

Oil Standard  | Plug-in

Oil Standard is a web browser plug-in that converts all prices from U.S. Dollars into the equivalent value in barrels of crude oil. When you load a we...
Michael Mandiberg

Panemoticon | Plug-in

We know how you feel. Panemoticon observes your behavior, makes a few inferences about your emotional state, and plays music to match your mood. Your ...
Ali Miharbi
John Priestley

Pedestrian: Walking as Meditation and the Lure of Everyday Objects | Narración interactiva

"The City is an addictive machine from which there is no escape." (Rem Koolhaus in Delerious New York.) In Pedestrian, a walk through the City becomes...
Annette Weintraub

Peripheral n°2: KEYBOARD | Proyecto online

Peripheral n°2: KEYBOARD reflects anew on the keyboard, this strange object which we have beneath our eyes without really seeing it. It explores w...
Marika Dermineur

Plazaville | Non-linear video

Plazaville is a new media video art work set in 21st century New York City. It is based on the classic 1965 movie "Alphaville" by Jean Luc Godard. The...
G.H. Hovagimyan

Poetic Dialogues 1.0 | Poesía digital

In Poetic Dialogues 1.0, a work comprised of 18 different flash movies made with a high-tech wristwatch camera, each movie contains images of people r...
Yucef Merhi

Predestiny | Poesía digital

Predestiny is a song installation created by Brenda Nielson with contributions by Brooks Williams (technologist) and Robert Weisman (guitar/arrangement). Made with fun...
Brenda Nielson

Privilege | Narración interactiva

Privilege is spun from a larger work; these fragments seek to accrete and produce a subliminal confrontation with their ever-shifting subject mat...
Jay Murphy
Isabelle Sigal

Prototype #44, Net Pirate Number Station | Proyecto online

Prototype #44 is a short-wave radio "number" station broadcasting over the internet. Enter and you will hear random web-generated number sequences rea...
Yoshihide Sodeoka

Psychographics: Consumer Survey | Proyecto online

Corporations use state of the art technology to examine every aspect of your lifestyle and generate a unique psychological and demographic consumer profile. There are ...
Dane Watkins

Public Works | Proyecto online

For any standard instrumentation (string trio or quartet, wind quintet, whatever) playing standard repertoire. Having chosen a piece from repertoire, each player to pl...
Chris Mann

Pulse Pool | Net instalación

For the first time, two cities will be connected via the human pulse. This interactive installation uses Internet and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technologie...
Symbiotic Media Group

Pulse.Time | Interactive

Pulse.Time is cinema made exclusively for the World Wide Web. It is written in a language that allows the viewer to participate in the construction of...
Neil Zusman

PuréeData | Software

PuréeData is a web-browser interface for a single shared sound environment that allows live, collaborative patching for anyone, anywhere. Visit...
Ted Hayes

Remote | Performance híbrida (Física y en Second Life)

Remote connects together two spaces, one in Boston the other in Second Life, and treats them as a single contigu...
Usman Haque
Georg Tremmel

Rust Belt/Bayou | Interactivo

Rust Belt/Bayou is an aural exploration of two cities: Cleveland, Ohio, and New Orleans, Louisiana. For the past several years, Christensen's art...
Julia Christensen

School of Perpetual Training | Proyecto web

School of Perpetual Training, an ironic edutainment website, exposes the underbelly and not so glamorous side of the computer video game industry. An ...
Stephanie Rothenberg

Self-Portrait | Proyecto online

Self-Portrait is a software search for the artist's face among the millions contained in the photos uploaded to www.flickr.com. The project'...
Ethan Ham

Shadow Play: Tales of Urbanization of China | Realidad aumentada y virtual

Over the past few decades China has been urbanizing at an astounding pace. In 2013, the People's Republic unveiled its plan to relocate 260 million people from Ch...
Lily & Honglei

Spectral Quartet | Proyecto online

Spectral Quartet is a web adaptation of the project Whispering Spectres, which will be installed at Turbulence @Pace Digital Gallery 2, April...
Woody Sullender

Stand By Your Guns | Interactivo

Stand By Your Guns confronts us with the ubiquity of guns and how violent simulations translate into real life shootings. It is an absurdist piece tha...
Jillian McDonald

Stop Motion Studies: Tokyo | Fotografía, proyecto online

Crawford's Stop Motion Studies are experimental documentaries that chronicle his interaction with subway passengers in cities around the world. H...
David Crawford

Storm King | Performance

Storm King was composed and performed with "The Sonic Wire Sculptor," originally a personal instrument created by Pitaru to compose, record and perfor...
Amit Pitaru

Submersible | Interactivo

You are at a helm of a submarine navigating the depths of the ocean. At each strata, you see and hear different organisms. In the sunny epipelagic zone, watch the fast...
Yotam Mann
Niv Bavarsky

Ten-sided | Narrativa experimental, blog

Ten-sided is a textual performance in which ten authors collaboratively improvise on a single online narrative. For three months, each author will blo...
Francis Hwang

text_ocean | Poesía digital interactiva

text_ocean is an experiment in random access reading and text visualization, using Herman Melville's notoriously impenetrable whalefishery epic <...
Zannah Marsh

The Essential Guide to Performing Michael Mandiberg | Guía interactiva

Part user's manual, part experimental self-portrait, The Guide is an on-line tutorial that teaches the user the details of performing Michael Mandiberg's per...
Michael Mandiberg

The Grimm Tale | Narración multimedia

An adaptation of the Grimm's Fairy Tale about a young man who doesn’t understand the concept" to shudder in fear and who goes forth in the world to discover...
Marianne R. Petit

The Hootenanny Manifestation | Interactive cinematic website

"Welcome to the Entertainment Frontier. Out here, in this bleak land without culture, life's a vapid grind until that traveling troubadour, the Hootenanny Man, hi...
Lord Knows Compost

The Simultaneous Translator | aplicación para Internet

The Simultaneous Translator (SimTrans) is a Windows based audio interface that enables anyone to load audio streams and manipulate them in real time o...
John Roach
Willy Whip

The SWIPE Toolkit | Medios tácticos

The SWIPE Toolkit is a collection of web-based tools that shed light on personal data collection and usage practices in the United States. The tools d...
Beatriz da Costa
Jamie Schulte
Brooke Singer

The Telephone Game: Oil/Water/Ether | aplicación sonora, performance

The Telephone Game: Oil/Water/Ether is an exploration of a real-time collaborative composition local network. All of the performers have identical per...
The Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk)

The Vitruvian World | Instalación de realidad mixta

In the 1st century BC, Roman writer, architect and engineer Vitruvius codified specific building formulae based on the guiding principles of strengt...
Michael Takeo Magruder
Drew Baker
David Steele

The Xanadu Hijack | Acción en Internet

Curt and Jordan Cloninger have created a logo that will hijack the proper noun "Xanadu" in Google Images; so that a Google Images search for "Xanadu" returns a tiled c...
Curt Cloninger

The9th-Allegro | retrato documental

The9th-Allegro is a documentary portrait of Reb. Dan Harpe, a Hasidic Jew. Shot in Israel and the Sinai desert, The9th-Allegro uses t...
Doron Golan

This and that thought. | Narración interactiva

This and that thought takes the form of a narrative to explore the structure of the Internet and the ways in which it unconsciously conditions its use...

tone row poetry | Poesía digital interactiva

tone row poetry is an algorithmically mediated synaesthesia. Inspired by 20th century composer Arnold Schoenberg's serialist music, the work matc...
Lewis LaCook

Touching Gravity 2/Tilt | interactive videodance

Touching Gravity 2/Tilt is an interactive, aerial videodance superimposed on a composited image of two rivers in the towns of North Adams and Adams, M...
Caryn Heilman
Nana Simopoulos

Tumbarumba | Plug-in

Tumbarumba is a frolic of intrusions — a conceptual artwork in the form of a Firefox extension. Tumbarumba hides stories &mdash...
Ethan Ham
Benjamin Rosenbaum

Two Textual Instruments (Regime Change and News Reader) | Aplicaciones

Textual instruments make text "playable" and become tools for textual performance. Regime Change begins with a news article from April 2003, following...
Noah Wardrip-Fruin

Urbandale | Proyecto online

Filmed at Urbandale Plaza in the eastern suburbs of Buffalo N.Y., "urbandale" is a study of America's suburban sprawl stripped to its barest essentials and void o...
Cory Arcangel

Voices from the Paradise Network | interactivo

"My mother-in-law passed away recently, reminding me of a technique that a parapsychologist named Dr. Konstantin Raudive (1906-1974) used to record what he pu...
John Hudak

We Ping Good Things To Life | Acción en Internet

We Ping Good Things To Life is an ever evolving and expanding interactive networked installation that brings together elements of Toy Theater, Vaudevi...
Ephraim & Sadie Hatfield

WhoWhatWhenAir | Net instalación

WhoWhatWhenAir was an interactive, pneumatic sculpture that users could communicate with via a web-based interface. Each user made a series of choices...
John Snavely

Wikireuse | Proyecto web

For six years, Julia Christensen has been creating a body of work about how communities are reusing abandoned big box buildings — the large, free-standi...
Julia Christensen

Word Market | Portal

Word Market (WM) is an Internet portal dedicated to buying and selling words, using a unique currency, the ‘Wollar’. In times of increasin...
Belén Gache

World of Awe: Portal | Interactivo

Portal is an interactive net.dance in three parts that follows a traveler passing from the physical world to a virtual world called the Sunset/Sunrise...
Yael Kanarek

WWW-Enabled Noise Toy | Acción en Internet

Loud Objects, NYC-based circuit sorcerers, present a wacky way to learn hardware audio programming. The WWW-Enabled Noise Toy invites anyone with a we...
Loud Objects

You Don't Know Me | Aplicación

You are not always who other people think you are; you even hear your own voice in a different way. By recording and manipulating a recording of your voice with Liangjie Xia

['til death do us a part] | Arte sonoro

Experiments in Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) using two reel-to-reel machines in an attempt after Konstan...
Tobias c. van Veen

[meme.garden] | Proyecto web

[meme.garden] is an Internet service that blends software art and search tool to visualize participants' interests in prevalent streams of inform...
Mary Flanagan
Daniel C. Howe
Christopher Egert

[rootings] | Interactivo

[rootings] explores string theory, time, narrative, mental order/disorder, and interactivity as engaged by a female subject in an internet game format...
Mary Flanagan


Turbulence Directors: Helen Thorington and Jo-Anne Green
Coordinator and Turbulence-MEIAC link: Gustavo Romano

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