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Recognized as one of the first sites to host art pieces for the Internet, Turbulence has developed a relentless task of promoting digital art, commissioning projects by artists from all over the world, from its beginnings in 1996, until the end of 2016. It was founded by artists Helen Thorington and Jo-Anne Green and today, its archive has some 230 original pieces.

This collection includes artists of recognized international trajectory. Many of the works that conform it have received prestigious awards such as Ars Electronica, or have been exhibited in museums or international events such as the Whitney Biennial. There are also pioneering pieces in this type of art, which have been extensively analyzed and reviewed by specialized critics.

Faced with the inevitable situation of the closure of Turbulence in 2016, the MEIAC, based on the experience it has developed with NETescopio, its own archive of digital works, has received the proposal to host this archive from that American institution. The MEIAC has accepted this offer, and has agreed to host the works of this important archive on the museum's web server, so that they can be visited by the international public through the MEIAC website.

After carrying out a technical evaluation of the material received in order to migrate it to the museum's server, and subsequently carrying out restoration work on those pieces that required it, the MEIAC has developed a database that can be browsed both in English, the original language, and in Spanish, thus opening up access to the Spanish-speaking public.

The MEIAC has been carrying out a strong task of dissemination of Spanish and Latin American digital art, expanding its borders and putting it in dialogue with similar productions at the international level. The reception and hosting of the Turbulence archive reinforces this line of work, strengthening relations between institutions, critics, artists and audiences from different cultures, languages and geographical areas.


Turbulence Directors: Helen Thorington and Jo-Anne Green
Coordinator and Turbulence-MEIAC link: Gustavo Romano

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