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Knitoscope Testimonies
Proyecto web
Cat Mazza


Knitoscope Testimonies is the first web based video using "Knitoscope" software, a program that translates digital video into a knitted animation; it imports streaming video, lowers the resolution, and then generates a stitch that corresponds with the pixel's color. Knitoscope is a moving image offshoot of microRevolt's freeware knitPro. The title "Knitoscope" is based on Edison's early animation technology the kinetoscope, which was a "coin operated peep show machine...watched through a magnifying lens". The "Testimonies" in this piece are from various professionals who work against sweatshop labor; Erica Zeitlin works in legislative policy change in Los Angeles, Roian Atwood develops new business models at American Apparel, Eric Frumin is the Director of Health and Sanitation for UNITE HERE and Jim Keady is the founder of Educating for Justice. 

with funds from the Jerome Foundation



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