Onome Ekeh

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Brooklyn, NY, USA
Born and raised on most sides of the Atlantic, Onomé Ekeh started out as a painter, gravitated towards design and fell in love with cinema. The collusion effect is a lifelong fascination with hybrid forms of media and their perpetuation in contemporary culture. Ekeh has written for film, and literary and technological journals both in Europe and the United States; produced works for theater; and created “radio fictions.” She is a frequent collaborator in a number of cross-disciplinary projects. She lives in New York City and has been the recipient of several fellowships and grant awards including the Jerome Foundation/Media Alliance (2000); Harvestworks Digital Media Center Artist-In-Residence (2002). Ekeh is currently a Fellow at the Kunstlerhaus Buchsenhausen in Austria.

Machine Fragments | Audiovisual interactivo

Perhaps the question "can machines think"? should be re-articulated as "is the machine different from you or I"? Why is there a perceptive gap between our tools and ou...
Onome Ekeh


Turbulence Directors: Helen Thorington and Jo-Anne Green
Coordinator and Turbulence-MEIAC link: Gustavo Romano

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