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San Francisco, CA, USA
Dubbed “The Harry Potter of the Digital Vanguard” at age 19 by the Dutch Press for his work with new media, Eryk Salvaggio was a pioneer of the early “” movement, presenting lectures and projects throughout Europe. He was the focus of a 2002 profile in The New York Times. He recently graduated with distinction from the London School of Economics, with an MSc in Media and Communications. He earned two BAs, in journalism and new media, at the University of Maine, and a minor in psychology earned partially at Harvard University Extension. He has studied international relations and the European Union at Charles University (Prague) with the Global Institute for Leadership and Civic Development.

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It can be said that there is no greater symbol for American globalization than the logo plastered onto Coca Cola cans. Coca Cola is so linked to America that its facto...
Eryk Salvaggio


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