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Montréal, Canada
Joseph Lefèvre is a new media artist, arts administrator and teacher. Born in Verdun, France, he emigrated to Montreal, Canada in 1977. Lefèvre has one master degree in visual art and another one in multimedia. He has created numerous interactive installations, web sites and cd-roms. His projects include Le café de l’abattoir presented at Siggraph 1992; Il pleut sur le temple, part of the Images du futur event in 1987; Traces et contrastes presented at the ISEA conference in Montreal in 1995; and “The shaman Space” which won the 2000 Quebec-Canada Möbius Prize.

Au bord du fleuve/On the Riverside | Proyecto web

Au bord du fleuve/On the Riverside is a poetic portrayal of the St. Lawrence River. The site replicates the river's ambient calmness and serenity...
Joseph Lefèvre
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