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New York, NY, USA
Tal Halpern is a writer, animator, and software developer whose work explores themes of colonialism, sexuality, and violence. His work has appeared in numerous venues both on–line and off including Sundance Film Festival Web, Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe (ZKM, Germany), the Center for Book Arts (NYC) and the Iowa Review Web and, of course, Turbulence.org.

He has been a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Computer/Digital Arts, and a NY State Grantee for Film and Digital Media. His most recent short story, “The Hare”, can be read on-line in issue 67, of the Cortland Review (May 2015). He is presently working on a book project for which he received Likhachev Foundation Cultural Fellowship in St. Petersburg

Digital Nature | documental ficción

"An important historic figure's writings and personal effects are confiscated by the State. Some seventy years later, they are unearthed in the National Archives....
Tal Halpern

Endgame: A Cold War Love Story | Interactivo

Endgame: A Cold War Love Story – for the web and Flash enabled touch screen devices (DROID) – is a puzzle whose pieces are culled from an ...
Tal Halpern

Le Nouveau Western | narración interactiva, hipertexto

"Believe in me because you have heard a voice."
From a small room, he spoke to her and she listened. It was hours before liberation and the start of a ...
Tal Halpern


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