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Narrator and essayist, Belén Gache has published several novels and was a finalist at the Herralde Novel Award (Barcelona) and the Premio Planeta in Argentina. She has written numerous essays, most notably Escrituras nómades (Gijón, Trea). She has been experimenting with different writing styles since the mid-90s, like net-poetry, video poems, sound installations and fiction blogs.
Her works have garnered accolades at events such as Post Cagean Interactive Sounds (Japan) and the ICI Award for experimental video and multimedia (Buenos Aires), and have been exhibited at Hypertext 01 (Denmark), FILE (Brazil), the End of the World Biennale (Ushuaia, Argentina), the Médira Biennale (Mexico), ARCO (Madrid) and the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires.
She received her bachelor's degree in Art History and her Master's in Discourse Analysis from the University of Buenos Aires. She lives in Madrid.

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Belén Gache


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